At CALSTAR, our unwavering first priority is meeting the needs of the critically ill and injured by providing them with immediate and exceptional emergency medical care and transportation. We deliver each patient to the most appropriate medical facility as quickly, safely and comfortably as possible. Every patient CALSTAR transports is accompanied by two Critical Care Clinicians that have extensive training, substantial experience and superior skills.

The paramedics and nurses who join CALSTAR do so with a minimum of three years of emergency, trauma and/or critical care experience under their belts. They are also required to possess and maintain a range of specialty certifications. Upon hire, our clinicians undergo an intensive and thorough six-week on-boarding process. This important training period includes drills and simulations based on real-life emergency scenarios, giving them the opportunity to strengthen and augment their core skills.

CALSTAR’s reputation and credibility in the patient care arena are directly attributable to our dedicated medical teams. Our Medical Directors are responsible for aligning CALSTAR’s clinical protocols with the industry’s standards of care, and are—in large part—the force that keeps our organization on the leading edge of advancements in health care for the benefit of patients and crews alike. Our Quality Assurance Program assesses the medical care provided by our teams and guides continuing education efforts to support excellence in patient care.

Since 2001, CALSTAR has been fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS). This significant accomplishment involves a voluntary evaluation by an independent third party every three years to demonstrate compliance with the accreditation standards deemed crucial in our dynamic critical care transport environment. CAMTS accreditation signifies excellence in patient care, safety and education in the medical transport industry.