Our FAA-licensed Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) Maintenance Technicians provide unmatched aviation services and support for all of our specialized, medically-equipped aircraft, allowing us to safely and efficiently transport critical care patients. These dedicated individuals are the reason our aircraft consistently meet the highest standards for safety and airworthiness.

The in-depth training required for A&P certification means that all CALSTAR Aviation Maintenance Technicians are well-prepared to deftly handle their many responsibilities. A partial list of the subjects they have studied includes electricity, weight and balance, hydraulics, cleaning and corrosion control, cabin atmosphere control systems, navigation systems, fuel systems, and reciprocating and turbine engine theory and repair. In addition to providing all necessary preventative maintenance and repairs, they conduct regular detailed inspections, maintain all maintenance records, and stay abreast of pertinent industry advances.

One clinician sums it up by saying, “Our Maintenance Technicians are the most important people at the base. Without them, we are out of the patient care business.”