Critical Care in Motion

Each unanticipated medical crisis requires an immediate and specific response. If that response results in the patient receiving treatment within “the Golden Hour”—the hour immediately following the incident—their chances of survival improve by 25%.

CALSTAR exists to fulfill the vital need for air medical services.

When the unexpected happens, CALSTAR is ready and waiting. When minutes are a matter of life and death, we know what to do. In addition to picking up patients at emergency scenes, we transport critical care hospital patients who require specialized care beyond what their current facility is able to provide. In all cases, time is of the essence, and our aircraft are equipped to handle these transports safely and expediently. Each patient is accompanied by two of our experienced critical care clinicians. These nurses and paramedics provide first-class medical care from the time patients are picked up until they are safely delivered to their destination and in the hands of skilled medical staff.

Since 1983, CALSTAR has provided emergency medical air transport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our mission is to save lives, reduce disability and speed recovery for victims of trauma and illness through rapid transport, quality medical care and education. We have bases throughout California, and our expansive service area includes both densely-populated urban communities and vast stretches of wilderness. Each patient receives our complete commitment and the best possible care.